Animalistic Fragrances in Perfumery

Some of the popular fragrances that were used in the perfume production for centuries, are animalistic. Ambra, musk, cibet and castoreum are animalistic scents, which are known as very precious and rare. Today the perfume production industry tries hard to substitute those fragrances by synthetically produced scents, so that no animal has to come to harm anymore. Of course, also UNIQUE does only use synthetical fragrances!
All these fragrances are warm and insistent, and associated to sexual impulses. As these are considered very strong and dominant, it is important to use them with care to reach a pleasent fragrance result. If the fragrances are used to much, they remind of intense body smells.


Die Duftnote AmberAmbra is very valuable. For a long time it was unknown, where this material originated. Only in the beginning of the 19th century, it was found out, that it actually is the metabolite of the sperm whale. The ambra-chunks form in the animals intestines to avoid injuries and take care of indigestible materials. The chunks strand at the beaches due to tides.

Musk fragrances is the most popular animalistic fragrance. Originally it was won from the musk sac of the Asian red deer. These deer lived in mountain forests mostly. To receive the wanted material the rut gland of the female animals is cut off. It contains the popular musk.  

Cibet is a product by the civet cat. The material is won from the cat's glands. Its smell is similar to musk. Natural cibet comes from animals in captivity. Their glands are emptied once a week.

Castoreum is a product by the beaver. Just like cibet it is won from the animals glands. Beavers use this brown substance to groom their fur and mark their territory. Nowadays, castoreum is won on beaver  farms, where the animals wipe the substance into cans. 


Due to the rarity and high prices of these subastances, some of the animals came close to extinction. Some of these raw materials were not only used for perfumery, but also for medical reasons. Therefore some of these animals, like the musk ox, is under protection. UNIQUE started a charity campaign for this animal.
The former use of animalistic fragrances

Fragrances like ambra, musk, cibet and castoreum are animalistic odorous substances, which today are very precious and rare. To not harm any more animals, these scents are produces synthetically. These warm fragrances are strongly linked with sexual stimuli, and are to be used carfully, due to their dominance.If emphasised to much, they rather remind one of strong body odor. Ambra is a metabolite product of the sperm whale; musk is won from the musk sacks of Asian Red Deer; the very similar cibet is a gland product of the civet cat; and castoreum comes from the beaver's glands. The sad truth is, that many of these animals were facing extinction due to the strong demand of the fragrances - today they are under protection and the substances are produced synthetically.