Can fragrances influence our love life?

Die Zukunft der Düfte

Every human being is influenced by smells and fragrances - wheter you are aware of it or not. Many fragrances are considered seductivesexy or stimulating. And this has its reasons.

This perception happens due to aphrodisiacal agents, which can be naturally or artificially made. An aphrodisiac can be different things: foodspicesdrugsmedication or a fragrance, which enhances lust and sexual vitality. What is it witht hose kind of stories? And where does the word aphrodisiac come from?

The History of Aphrodisiac


In ancient Greece, people worshipped the Goddess Aphrodite with a special celebration. This festivity was named after the Goddess of Love: Aphrodisia. During the celebration, people would engage in taking stimulating herbs. Since then, Aphrodite faced a change of symbolism. While she was associated with fertility in the beginning, meanings changed and Aphrodite later stood for beauty and love. Until today, she is the symbol for sensuality andlust.

People in the ancient Rome relied on the smell of roses, which was used very generously. Women from the Carribbean and the South Seas used to primped themselves with floral fragrances
Today's definition of aphrodisiac considers it as a lust-enhancing or lust-causing source. There are several different, often synthetic aphrodisiacs, whose effect is hard to measure. Placebo effect should not be under-estimated, which means that one's imagination is the actual source of the sexual vitality. This uncertainty leads to even more experiments, searching for the explanation of this phenomenon.

Natural aphrodisiac

Aromastoff Revolution

It's not only superstitious stories about supposedly aphrodisiacal substances. Certain natural essences can in fact really have strong effects. They can stimulate is physically or psychologically. There are numerous plants, which can be used as aphridisiacs.       

Chili peppers, with their natural hot flavour, are said to have an erotic effect. When consuming chilli peppers, the human body produces endorphins, which trigger a sense of delight. Nevertheless, every person reacts differently.
Celery, for example, physically animates men, which of course inures to the benefit of women. Responsible for that is the rising in the level of pheromones. The main agent is androstenol. One of pheromones' effects is the attraction of women.

Other kinds of vegetables, and also fruit, are said to have similar effects. Artichokes contain an essetial oil, which makes you receptive for sensual experiences. Avocados, agaves, aspargus und horse raddish are also considered sensual and stimulating. Herbs and Spices like vanilla, myrrh, thyme, coriander, basil, cinnamon, saffron, ginger and hemp are just as excitatory.

And there are even more edibles associated with erotic stimulation: caviar, pomegranate and strawberries; kakao, pumpkin seeds, gingko seeds, chili peppers and truffle.
The most popular aphrodisiac-containing food is probably the oyster. Roman Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, is said to be born in an oyster. Sea food is not for everybody. Yet, Casanova supposedly swore by oysters and wine, Shakespeare by the power of potatoes and the ancient Romans by fennel - the list of reputedly aphrodisiacal food is endless.

Aphrodisiacal Fragrances

LeidenschaftBut aphrodisiacs can not only apply their effects by taste, but also by smell. Scents are everywhere, and we cannot withdraw from them.

This included all kinds of smells - pleasent and unpleasent ones. Our reactions to the different smells resemble our perceptions. Of course, we will react in a negative way, if something smells obtrusive or bad. On the other hand, we feel attracted by "good" aromas. Apparently, whether we like someone or not, depends strongly on our unconscious perception of the other's odor and pheromones. This also determines, if we see the other as a potential sexual partner.

According to academic studies fragrances apply to our emotional side. The brain does not reflect on them, so they can trigger strong emotions. Even just remembering how something smelled, can achieve this. Clever fragrances and perfumes are aimed at this emotional memory linked to smells. High in aphrodisiacal effect are amyris, patchouli, ylang-ylang, musk, sandal wood and jasmine. These ingredients are commonly used in massage oils and lotions.

Let your fantasy take you away, and you will think of many different occasion for the use of sensual scents. The classical situation would be a massage with essential and scented oils, containing one or more of the above mentioned.

Blossoms are said to be particularly seductive. The blossom if jasmine in particular is considered arousing and tempting, because it resembles the human sexual odor. Ylang ylang bewitches, lily erotisises, roses make you languish.

Tuberose's smell is similar to the female sexual odor. Just as cibet, castoreum and amber, musk is considered to trigger lust and comfort. Scientists assume musk, amber and sandal wood also to be contained in human attractants. These effects are also found in essential oils. They are directed at the limbic system, and can have relaxing, arousing or stimulating effects, and trigger aphrodisiacal moods. 

But not even the most promising spices, herbs or edibles will provoke "love" in a human being. Yet, Aphrodites "magic ingredients" can help to feel it more intense.

Create your own aphrodisiacal scent

In modern times the perfume is not any longer only a product of hygiene, but also a mean of expression. It mirrors your personality and creates certain emotions. One of them definitely is attraction and seduction. UNIQUE helps you to create an individual perfume, which matches your personality, AND get you to win over the other sex. Within our fragrances, the one or the other is said to have aphrodisiacal effects: white musk, oriental ambra,sandal wood, rose, ylang ylang, orange, vanilla or chocolate. Sweet sensation and floral attraction!