Apple Blossom

The blossom of apples convinces with its floral freshness and peps up body and soul!

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Apple Blossom - the refreshing spring fragrance

In spring time apple trees appear in colorful state. The apple blossom shines in colours from white to light pink and to red. The apple tree belongs to the family of roses. The most important and most popular cultivation area os Normandie in Northern France. Other areas are Povalley (Northern Italy) and the Mediterranean countries.
The apple tree and its fruit are from different mythological significance. The apple stands for love, sexuality and fertiliy. In Babylon the apple was the symbol of the Heaven's Goddess Ischtar, in Greece for the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sensual Lust - Aphrodite -, and in German mythology for Iduna, the Goddess of Youth and Immortality. The apple tree is a symbol of eternal life.


The apple blossom has a fresh and floral scent. It reminds of violet and lily of the valley, but not of the typical apple smell.


The scent of the spple blossom fits the season spring perfectly. Its smell peps up body and soul and awakens your spirits refreshingly

Apple Blossom belends well with:         

  • Aqua
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Sandal Wood
  • Vanilla

Create spring feelings with the scent of apple blossoms

The apple tree has been used by human mankind longer than any other tree, as it is pretty easy to cultivate. Fruit and blossoms are of interest. The apple blossom is assiociated with the beginning of spring. Apple blossoms smell sweet and fesh, and blends well with jasmine, vanilla, sandal wood, rose and lily of the valley.