Blue Cedarwood

Zutat Zedernholz

,,The sensual, kind Wood’’

The noble wood of cedar derives from the cedar tree (Cedrus), which belongs to the family of pine trees (Pinaceae). These tall evergreens are highly resistant and need, in relation to other pine trees, only little rainfall. It's acicular leaves grow for three to six years.  Ihre nadelförmigen Blätter bleiben drei bis sechs Jahre am Baum. Cedars are monoecious, which means that there male and female cones in one tree.
There are different species of cedars. The Libanin cedar grows along the entire Mediterrenean coastline, and is the national symbol of Libanon. It's lumber has a weak aromatic scent, which is only detectable on fresh cut wood. The more common cedar species derives from some cypress species. In opposition to many other cedar species is has a strong aromativ smell and a high content of essential oils. This commercially available cedar oil is often destillated from the Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana). Most cedar lumber used in contsruction derive from these cypress species. Already since the Ancient times cedar lumber was used to construct ships, as it's wood was easy to process.


 Cedar lumber has a strong and tart wooden smell. Its character is warm and velvet.


Cedar lumber is harmonising and helps in finding the inner balance. Combined with jasmine, it can enhance the aphrodisiacal effect of jasmine. On the other hand, combined with bergamot, arolla pine and juniper it's effect is rather refreshing.

Blue Cedar blends well with:

  • Rose
  • Suede
  • Jasmine
  • Patchouli
  • Sandal Wood


Choose the fragrance of blue cedar for your own perfume

The fragrance of the blue cedar, which belongs to the family of pines, is very versatile. Its smell is tart and cool, yet also with a warm character. The combination with jasmine has aphrosidiacal effects, with Calabrian bergamot it gives off pure freshness. Generally it is a fragrance used for male perfumes, but a small amount combined with rose, patchouli and sandal wood is also great for female perfumes.