Caribbean Coconut

Bring the Caribbean into your perfume - with the mild fragrance of coconut.

Caribbean Coconut - Caribbean Air

The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm, which grows in tropical climate zones. Until today, it is unclear, where this palm tree originated from, and how it spread. Some say, that the nuts fell into the ocean, and "sailed away" to reach other islands. As coconuts stay germinable for several weeks, this might even be true.
Actually, the coconut is not a nut at all, but a stone fruit. It is harvested when it is still green and therefore unripe. This core is done by coconut palm climbers, but as it is also dangerous, more and more macaques are trained to help the humans.
Coconut oil is white ti slightly yellow, and due ti its high content of fat, it is used for cooking and food manufacturing. But that's not all - coconut oil is a very popular component in beauty products. You can find it in many cremes, soaps, shampoos and lip balms, but of course also in perfumes.


The tropical flavour of the coconut makes one dream of summer, beach and ocean. Its sensual, exotic and sweet accent is perfect for playful perfumes.


As the scent of coconut is strongly connected with the feeling of vacation, is works as a mood lifter and sets free pure energy. It makes you dream of the Caribbean, even on rainy winter days.

Coconut blends well with: 

  • Lemon
  • Passionflower
  • Raspberry
  • Wild Cherry
  • Cassis
  • Vanilla
  • Orange
The Caribbean Coconut delivers tropical feelings

The coconut is probably stronger connected to summer and holidays, than any other fruit. It's associated with hammocks, beach, sun and fruity cocktails. It's obvious, that this scent is relaxing and activating at the same time - just like a holiday can be. Noone knows the the exact origin of the coconut palm, which makes room for various speculation about its history. The fragrance of the coconut is a combination of freshness and sensual sweetness. It matches well with lemon, passionflower, raspberry, wild cherry, cassis, vanilla and orange. Coconut oil is the perfect component of a fruity summer perfume.