Cassis Blossom

"The fruity gentle one"Cassisblüte - Die fruchtig Zarte

Cassis blossom os the blossom of the blackcurrant. Blackcurrant is also known as cassis, because it is the basic ingredient of the liqueur "Cassis". The blackcurrant bush belongs to the family of Saxifragaceae, and grows in the cooler regions of Europe and North America. Its blooming perios is from April to Mai, the fruits ripen in summer from July to August. The blackcurrant bush gives of a smell, that many find unpleasent. Still, the essential oil, which is won from the blackcurrants blossoms, is very fragrant and therefore a popular and modern ingredient in perfuming. 


Cassis blossom has an intensely fruity and exotic smell. It adds freshness and clarity to a perfume.


The scent of the cassis blossom is refreshing, makes a clear head and strengthens the body. It also enlightens your mood. The leaves of the blackcurrant bush are used in folk medicine for rheumatism, articular gout, dropsy and pertussis. Its fruits, and especially it's juice, are rich of vitamine C, and are adviced to prevent a cold.

Cassis blossom blends well with:

  • Tonka Bean
  • Vanilla
  • Orange Blossom


Your perfume with cassis blossom - The natural lift in mood

The blossom of blackcurrant - so-called cassis blossom - is one of the most popular perfume ingredients. It is exotic and intensly fruity - perfect for a summer perfume. The essential oil is won from the blossoms of blackcurrant. Its scent is fresh and clear and keeps your head cool.