Our Fragrance Characters

Discover our exclusive fragrance characters. All can be worn individually or in combination with your favorite notes for a truly unique fragrance!

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Female Feminine

Female - Feminine

Aromatic, floral and powdery… this is how the UNIQUE feminine fragrance for women expresses modern and elegant feminity.

This perfect scent for the early evening is a great composition of warm notes such as vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean, enriched by slightly accents of ylang ylang, jasemine and cassis blossom.

A tender touch of lavender and viola make this scent absolutely seductive.

Emphasize your feminity with this timeless and velvet feminine fragrance.



Female Glamourous

Female - Glamourous

The unique blend of sweet, floral and fruity notes make the UNIQUE glamorous fragrance for women to a tingly fragrant experience.

Fresh, natural essences such as raspberry, melon and peach meet classic notes like rose, vanilla and lily of the valley. A touch of coco is the final finish for this glamorous scent.

Discover summerlike, slightly exotic moments with this glamorous fragrance.



Female Sensual

Female - Sensual

The UNIQUE sensual fragrance for women is classic composition of aromatic, floral and fruity notes. Appearing seductive and profound, this scent is the best choice for sensual moments in the evening.

An unsettling harmony of oriental ambergris, lotos blossom and indian patchouli give this scent a charming value. Fruity essences such as cassis blossom and raspberry consign mysterious highlights.

Feel pure sensuality and let yourself be seduced…



Female Natural

Female - Natural

The UNIQUE natural fragrance for women is fresh and sensual.
With tender notes of ocean aqua, bergamot and natural herbages, this scent is a classic perfume for the day and the early evening. Citric accents such as melon, peach and orange emphasize the warm character of base notes leather and cedarwood.

You are looking for an aromatic fragrance that you can wear the whole day, also in the office? This scent is our answer!



Female Casual

Female - Casual

This UNIQUE casual fragrance for women is a great perfume for day wear.
Enjoy a perfect start of the day with this great composition of freshness and citric essences. Basically consisting of natural herbages and ocean aqua, this scent is also office appropriate.Fine accents of apple blossom, cranberry and coconut are giving a vitalizing highlight to this pure scent.

Do you love natural and refreshing fragrances? With our UNIQUE casual fragrance for women, you find what you are looking for!



Female Charismatic

Male - Charismatic

Modern and stylish men are the pefect target for the UNIQUE charismatic fragrance for men. The aromatic base of oriental ambergris, vanilla and musk meets warm spicy and woody notes as well as patchouli.

Fine accents of ylang ylang, almond and jasmine make this slightly sweet perfume to the perfect choice for night outs.



Male Dynamic

Male - Dynamic

The UNIQUE dynamic Fragrance for men ist slightly woody with aromatic tobacco highlights. As great perfume for day wear, this is a great choice for active men.

Classic notes such as sandalwood, tonka bean and oriental ambergris meet fresh elements of natural herbages, ginger, lotos blossom and aqua.
This extraordinary symbiosis of aromatic and fresh essences create a very dynamic scent.



Male Extravagant

Male - Extravagant

The UNIQUE extravagant fragrance for men is a unique blend of aromatic, woody notes with fresh elements.
The intense base consists of classic notes such as musk and cedarwood. Combined with fine accents of oriental ambergris and orange, this scent is the perfect evening fragrance for expressive characters.



Male Masculine

Male - Masculine

Herb and woody meets freshness. The UNIQUE masculine fragrance for men is an inspiring mixture of natural notes such as musk, leather and tobacco, enriched by tonka bean and ginger. Fresh highlights are of bergamot and ocean aqua make this scent to a natural one.

This timeless fragrance is office appropriate and is the perfect fit for the whole day as well as for the early evening.



Male Casual

Male - Casual

Freshness and Naturalness are the main parts of the UNIQUE casual fragrance for men. Great perfume for day wear, the unique combination of ocean aqua, fresh herbages and citric accents of orange and melone make you feeling active and dynamic. Warm notes of almond and leather are giving a special finish to this fresh perfume.