Schokolade - Die süsse Verlockung

"A Sweet Sensation"

It is common knowledge, that cocoa beans are the foundation for chocolate. The so called cocoa tree is originally from the South American rainforest. Due to the popular demand for chocolate and cocoa beans, we now have plantations cultivating cocoa trees. The 20cm long fruit, which contains the precious cocoa beans, grows directly on its’ tree’s stem. Refining these beans is very hard work.

Cocoa beans have many uses. Companies extract cocoa butter and cocoa from the beans, which depending on the desired product can be mixed with milk powder and/or sugar. In order to create delicious chocolate, the cocoa mixture has to be ground into fine particles. Otherwise it would feel like eating sand.

Chocolate is known to make happy, which makes it very popular. Chocolate is often used as a treat or reward.  It does not only include cocoa, but also caffeine. This is why people attribute concentration enhancing properties to the treat. Even though this treat is filled with dreaded calories, it is still one of the most popular snacks worldwide.


The tempting smell of chocolate is very sweet, gentle and warm. Chocolate fragrance is particularly suited for oriental combinations, and make every perfume a sweet sensation.


Chocolate is an irreplaceable stimulant, especially in winter time. The sugar causes a high insulin production in our body. That way, chocolate makes you happy and highly active. Its aroma enhances pleasure and is associated with cuddly times.

Chocolate blends well with:

  • Vanilla
  • Sandal Wood
  • Ambra
  • Tonka Bean
  • Almond

Unfortunately, this ingredient is not available in our online shop at the moment. If you struggle to find a good alternatuve, our service is happy to help you!

Smell like a sweet sensation with the scent of cholocate

A perfume with chocolate flavour? Never heard of? Well you can do it now with UNIQUE! You can smell like tasty chocolate! This fragrance matches well in oriental or Christmas perfumes, especially when it is cold outside - chocolate makes the depression go away! It blends well with vanilla, almonds, ambra, tona bean, sandal wood and cranberry.