Christmas is the time of Scents

Just before Christmas we are surrounded by a big variety of wonderful Christmas scents: ginger bread, mulled wine, marcipan or Christmas spices, like cinnamon - they all enchant our surroundings and create a happy atmosphere. But what are typical Christmas scents, and what are their effects?


WeihnachtsdüfteMany of our Christmas traditions are closely connected to scents and flavours. Christmas markets, for examplem, have been existing since the 14th century, when craftsmen and confectioners were allowed to sell their products on special markets before Christmas. This custom spread fast, and soon there were more Christmas markets every year. The scents of roasted almonds and other nuts was especially used to attract more visitors. Another aromatic symbol of Christmas is the fir tree. Long before Christianisation, it was custom to protect one's house from bad ghosts with fir branches. In the 17th century people started to decorate the trees for Christmas time. The wonderful smell of the fresh cut tree would fill every house, and soon it became strongly associated with the winter celebration.





Christmas Fragrances


Every year the same traditional fragrances will our houses, streets and heads with Christmas atmosphere - chocolate, vanilla. almond, cinnamon, but also the taste of certain tea-kinds are associated with that time of the year. That's what makes them the perfect choices for a holiday perfume. Vanilla is often on top of the list, and also very popular for scented candles. It emphasises the harmony of the celebration and is soothing to the soul.

But what would Christmas be without chocolate? Of course not only as a fragrance - we will find chocolate on every Christmas tree. Still, the fragrance has a great influence on our Christmas mood. Chocolate contains endorphins, which make us happy. Cinnamon has a warming component - its reactivating and creates a comfortable surrounding.

But these are only some examples for the most popular Christmas Scents. UNIQUE offers many fragrances, matching the Christmas moods, so you can easily create your own Christmas fragrance. Besides vanilla, chocolate and warm spices, almond or green tea also match the season. 



Our recommendations for Christmas fragrances


  • 1)      3x Vanilla, 3x Almond, 2x Orange Blossom, 2x Bergamot


  • 2)      3x Warm Spices, 3x Vanilla, 1x Almond, 1x Coconut, 1x Orange Blossom und 1x Mandarin


The scents of Christmas combined in a perfume

Christmas is close and everywhere you can find the typical scents of the season - whether you're strolling on a Christmas market, or rather stay at home, snuggled in down your blankets, or in front of a fireplace. Christmas scents remind us of our childhoods and are especially soothing to our souls. Cinnamon, frankincense, roasted almonds or fresh baked ginger bread - these scents create instant Christmas mood. Now, you can take this feeling with you year round, by creating your individual Christmas perfume with UNIQUE! The typical fragrances are chocolate, warm spices, Bourbon vanilla, French almond and Oriental ambra. To make this perfume a special Christmas present, mix it up with Swarovski-gems and get it delivered in our elegant gift box! Merry Christmas!