Damascene Rose
It's distinguished scent mirrors the rich facettes of women and men – it is a perfume evergreen for good reasons!

"The Queen of the Flowers"

Roses (Rosa) belong to the family of roses (Rosaceae), just like 250 other species. These beautiful, enchanting smelling bushes are widespread and very popular. They can grow 4m high. Roses have thorns and usually five petals, which can vary in shades from red to white and yellow color. The fruit of the rose - rose hip - ripen in late summer. The production of rose oil originated in Persia. This prescious essential oil is won from the rose blossoms, and one ton of petals only makes 300g rose oil. But rose oil is not the only prescious product of the rose; others include pleasent teas and jams, which are also won from the rose hips.

The name "Queen of the Flowers" derives from the Greek poet Sappho, who described the rose in one of his poems around 600 BC:
Would Jove appoint some flower to reign/In matchless beauty on the plain
The Rose (mankind will all agree)/The Rose the queen of flowers should be. (Sappho von Lesbos)
Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon I., fell in love with this flower and had several rose gardens planted. Since then the rose is a symbol of love and joy.


The warm-soft, harmonic scent of the rose is the right smell für comfortable evenings at home, and makes a perfume sensual. The enchanting smell lives up to the rose as a symbol of love. 


The rose has been cultivated in monasteries since the Middle Ages, and has been used as medical plant. Rose hips in particular, were used for teas to heal colds. The rose is also referred to aphrodisiacal and antiseptic effects. During light depression and cold winter days the scent of the rose has an enlightening and relaxing effect. 
Damaszener Rose - Der Klassiker unter den Düften

Rosen zählen zu den absoluten Klassikern, was Blumen angeht. Sie sind ein typisches Zeichen der Liebe und Romantik und verströmen dabei gleichzeitig noch einen zarten, warmen, femininen Duft. Wenn Sie schon lange auf der Suche nach einem Rosenduft sind, bisher aber noch nicht in der Parfümerie fündig wurden, dann kreieren Sie doch einfach Ihren eigenen Duft. Wenn Sie den Duft der Damaszener Rose lieben, können Sie sogar ein reines Rosenparfum erstellen. Ansonsten harmoniert die zarte Blume mit den rauen Dornen auch gut mit anderen Düften wie Lavendel, Orangenblüte, Orchidee oder der klassischen Bourbon Vanille. Ihr Duft wirkt betörend, sinnlich und lädt gleichzeitig zum Entspannen ein. Auch wenn Sie mal einen schlechten Tag haben, wirkt der Duft der Damaszener Rose aufmunternd.