Which type of fragrance are you?

When choosing your perfume, it is important, to pick a fragrance, which emphasises your personality. The perfume mirrors the character if its bearer. Therefore, it is not unimportant to know which fragrances match your own style best. The following fragrance categories - female and male - can helo with that. 


Mit MyParfuem den eigenen Duft erstellenROMANTIC
The romantic is emotional and sentimental. Her characteristis traits are her distinct empathy and understanding character. She loves long walks in sunset, to cuddle up at candle light and trips into the nature. The safest place for her is a comfortable surrounding. The romantic personality is supported by floral and fruity fragrances - like lily of the valley, cherry blossom and orchid.

Enchanting, sensual and glittering - these traits characterise the seducer best. The so-called Femme Fatale knows exactly how to win over the male world. Everything that is especially appealing and exciting draws her in. The seducer is also known for her charming character. Oriental fragrances, like amber and patchouli, emphasise her sensuality. Intense and feminine fragrances in particular, enhance her fascinating appearance.

The extravagant loves the exotic and the extraordinary. Everything, that stands out and is exceptional, is just the right for her. Her motto is: Attract attention for every price! Her incomparable personality provides her with several admirers. All the exotic fragrances, like cassis blossom or Florentine iris accentuate her prominent character traits. Fresh notes round up the composition well.

The glamorous is pompous, magnificent and shining. She loves a big entrance and plays to the gallery. Her dazzling personality is her ace in the hole, and that's how she wins you over. The glamorous is always up to date with the current trends and styles in fashion. Fruity fragrances in combination with certain floral scents match her especially well. The liveliness of raspberry emphasises her joy of life aditionally. 

The elegant is best-known for her sure feeling for style and her excellent taste. She walks her life in graceand is admired for that. She sets high value on a ladylike appearance. Due to her graceful appearance, a glamorous entrance is always guaranteed. Powdery floral scents match her character perfectly. Great picks for her classy looks would be rose, lotus and jasmine.

Casual and modern are the character traits of the sporty woman. She takes part in every adventure and is characteristic for effortlessness. The sporty woman is best-known for her naturalness and her limitless enthusism. She is uncomplicated and always game for some fun. Characteristic sporty fragrances include fresh and fruity notes. Ingredients like bergamot, aqua or melon match her active life.


The mysterious man appears to be intransparent. He is very sentimental and is taken high for being considerate. Still he is closed about feelings. His mysterious character makes him even more fascinating for women. His type is emphasised by spicy and fresh fragrances. A composition of tobacco, aqua and sandal wood is just the right for him.

Noone carries as much passion as the seductive man. He is self-confident and full of spirits. He is a master of seduction and conquers the hearts of the women. The seductive man loves an adventure, to live his passion. Oriental and warm fragrances match his impulsive character best. Especially notes like musk, vanilla and suede.

The classy one is assigned to traits like courteous and tasteful. While his appearance catches everybody's eyes, he is still known for his discreet and natural character. Charming as he is, he enchants the female world. The ideal combination to match his character is within fresh and Mediterranean fragrances. Natural grass, suede and lavender emphasise his elegance. 

The trendy man feels completely at home in the fashion world. He knows, what it means to dress fashionable and is always up to date. He is always searching for new adventures, enrichening his life. Women love him for his exciting way of life. His character is perfectly emphasised by fruity-fresh fragrances, like green apple, bergamot or mandarin.  

The masculine fragrance type is tough and sincere. He is a "real" man, well grounded in life. Hard work is no problem for him. It feels naturally to take good care of one own's body. His handsome appearance leaves a consistend impression on women. Smoky and tart  fragrances fit the masculine man best. His masculinity is best emphasised by the oriental note musk

The sporty man appears to be casual and uncomplicated. His surroundings know him as adventurous and appreciate his zest for action. He loves being outdoors and surrounded by nature, as he can be free there. The sporty man is energetic and draws everybody towards him. A fresh scent matches his casual character, with fragrances like aqua or natural grass.

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