French Almond

"A hinch of marzipan"

UNIQUE - Französische Mandel

The fruit of the almond tree is a longish egg-shaped stone fruit with a grey, leather-like peel. The almond tree has been cultivated worldwide for over 4000 years. Its preferred environment is provided in the Mediterranean climate. Almond was already mentioned in the Old Testament. Today’s most important areas are Italy and Spain in Europe, and California in the US. In Germany this tree, which belongs to the family of roses, the almond tree is to be found in wine-growing districts.

There are two species of almonds: sweet and bitter almonds. The skin of the sweet almond is cinnamon brown and is a popular ingredient for decorating and producing liqueur and marzipan.

Bitter almonds are not suited for consumption. They are used to win precious almond oil – the almonds are chopped up and cold-pressed. The oil-production pays off, as almonds are high in oil content – an average of 40-55%. The essential oil has soothing and caring effects and is therefore often used in lotions, lip care massage oil and other cosmetic body products. But the oil is also popular in the perfume industry and used for flavouring liqueurs.


In ist concentrated form, the scent of almonds reminds one of marzipan. It is mild and warm. The intense smell of al#mce_temp_url#monds matches oriental perfumes particularly well.


Almonds are used in Chinese medicine to cure cough, asthma and obstipation. It is also supposed to help with cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol. Its high content of folic acid makes nuts very healthy. In perfumes, the scent of almonds gets across the feelings of warmth and security.

Almond blends well with:

  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Tonka Bean
An extraordinary perfume with French Almond

We usually meet the French Almond in the form of marcipan. The mild, sweet scent of the almond creates a feeling of comfort and security. If this feeling is your aim, create your fragrance with almond! To receive an oriental fragrance, combine it with Bourbon Vanilla or spicy Tonka Bean. Another option would be citric aromas, like Andalusian Orange or Italian Lemon. Lavender and Ylang Ylang also match this nut perfectly.