Green Apple
The fresh and tangy scent of the freen apple activates tired spirits to start an active day.

"Green Apple -  Paradise Fruit"

Due to its refreshing and strengthening character the apple is one of Europe's most popular fruit. It belongs to the family of roses. The apple tree was imported to Europe from Asia in Ancient times, and grew fast in popularity. Originally the apple tree comes from South West China. This fruit is well-known for its various tastes - today there are more than 1000 species. Depending on seasonality there are summer, autumn and winter apples. A big part of the yearly harvest is processed into apple juice or other products.
The apple is surrounded by a wide range of beliefs and mythological pieces of wisdom. In the Old Testament the apple symbolised the lost innocence of human mankind. In Greek mythology the apple is associated with the Goddess of Love - Aphrodite. Hence the apple stands both for  innocence and temptation.


The scent of the green apple is reactivating, tangy and has a slightly sweet accent. Is blends well in particular with other fruity and floral fragrances - both in female as in male perfumes. 


Aplpe activates your energy and is exceptionally mobilising for your body. The scent creates a refreshing and encouraging feeling. The fruit has a reputation for being remarkably healthy and vitalising.

Green Apple blends well with:

  • Lily of the Valley
  • Bergamot
  • Aqua
  • Orange
  • Lotus
The scent of the green apple - pure energy

Green apple smells fresh and activating, and is full of energy. Its freshness matches floral and fruity aromas, for example lily of the valley, bergamot, watermelon, aqua, orange or lotus. It is usually used as a perfume's headnote.