"SHÉFANI" Making-Of: The fragrance for Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

Just recently former No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani admitted her love to her fellow "The Voice" coach and country star Blake Shelton in an interview. Now UNIQUE Fragrance and Hollywood Today Live suprised the celebrity couple with a custom blended fragrance. The name of the fragrance is "SHÉFANI", a combination of Shelton and Stefani. Now UNIQUE Fragrance explains in a Making-Of how this one-of-a-kind unisex perfume has been developed.

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The challenge – A unisex perfume for two strong individuals

Creating a unisex perfume that combines the different characters of the two celebrities into just a single scent. The fragrance is to represent Gwen Stefani's stylish and female personality as well as Blake Shelton's charismatic and masculine nature.

At the beginnin there was just the name, inspired by the last names of the two - Shelton and Stefani. Earlier plans were dropped to name the fragrance "GWAKE", inspired by their first names. The typical French name of the celebrity couple fragrance is now „SHÉFANI“.

The love fragrance of the "The Voice" couple Gwen and Blake

The task was to developed a unisex fragrance that could be worn by both - Gwen Stefani as well as Blake Shelton. The UNIQUE Fragrance expert Julie Dubois and her team decided to create a sparkling fresh scent. It should unite the characteristics of both, but a the same time leave enough room for self-fulfillment. Julie Dubois explains how she developed the mysterious scent:

„The fresh unisex fragrances contains citrussy notes of calabrian bergmot in reminiscence of Gwen's italian roots. They are harmonically combined with a touch of musk and cedar wood, appropriate for Blake's powerful muscial home town Nashville. The scent's headnote is therefore cistrussy and fresh. The smell of bergamot is refined with a breeze of orange blossom. This smell may be wellknow for Gwen Stefani, as she is born in Orange County, California, names after the famous orange plantations in the region. The gentle heart note is created with stylish elegant ingredients like white tea, cassis blossom and ocean aqua. The powerful and charismatic base note origin from white musk and blue cedar wood. We hope to have developed a perfume creation that unites Gwen and Blake in their love for each other. And, at times the fresh fragrance might help them to keep a cool head during exciting acts at The Voice."

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The product design of the signature Shéfani scent

For the bottle design of the signature Shéfani scent UNIQUE Fragrance decided to choose the elegant glas bottle "Grasse" from the premium French collection. The warm and harmonic color of the gold atomizer, surrounded by a transparent cap, represent the affection and a feeling of security of the couple. At the same time this design is divulging secret insights of this new relationship. The choice of the noble red packaging for this unique creation dignifies the love within.

About custom perfumes and UNIQUE Fragrance

UNIQUE Fragrance is the leading manufacturer of personalised perfumes and colognes. The company with offices in Berlin, Germany and New York is specialized in creating one-of-a-kind fragrances. The experts are creation exclusive fragrance recipes as well as individualized bottle designs. Every single one of more than 130,000 bottles, which have been produced in the Berlin perfume lab during the last years, is absolutely custom-made and unique. Each fragrance recipe is kept secret and belongs just to the recipient, just like the non-commercial fragrance SHÉFANI. UNIQUE customers have the choice of either becoming a perfumer themselves and making an own fragrance online. Or fragrance experts develop a bespoke private scent exclusively according to the personal wishes and ideas. For companies or celebrities UNIQUE also offers a professional production of a private label fragrance line. A custom perfume or cologne is available starting $79,90. Delivery times are 10-15 days within the US and Europe or 12-20 days worldwide. Each fragrance comes with expert consultation, free worldwide shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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