Japanese Cherry Blossom

"The Luxurious"Japanische Kirschblüte - Die Luxuriöse

The Japanese Cherry Blossom is a very special flower, as it is strongly associated with culture and tradition. From march to may the "Sakura" cherry is blossoming and celebrated all over Japan. Usually they are of light pink colour, but some are also white. When the trees are in full blossom, "Hanami" celebration begins.

Cherry blossom stands for beauty and departure, and is one of the most important symbols in Japan. It is also a symbol for momentariness, as is withers as fast as it comes and covers the ground.


The scent of the cherry blossom is very intense and gives off a bitter-sweet aroma. It harmonises well with other flower fragrances. Yet is it distinct from the typical cherry smell - less fruity, more floral.


The cherry blossom is well-known for its tenderness, but its smell is extraordinarily vivid. It activates your energies and supports a feeling of elegance. The smell of cherry blossom is strongly associated with the soothing atmosphere of cherry trees.

Cherry Blossom blends well with:

  • Green Apple
  • Passionflower
  • Wild Cherry
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Rose
Luxury for the skin - a perfume with Japanese Cherry Blossom

The Japanese Cherry Blossom is a symbol for beauty and momentariness. Its petals shine in light pink and white. They wither fast, which makes it even more special so see them right in time. Its scent is bitter-sweet and matches other flower fragrances particularly well. This makes the cherry blossom the perfect heart note for every perfume.