• Tangerine Perfume

    Tangerine Perfume

    Tangerine smells fruity and fresh with a mild sweetness. Its clean scent promotes imagination and creativity and happyness.

    From 12,90 $

  • Almond Blossom Perfume

    Almond Blossom Perfume

    Known for an inspiring and calming effect, almond blossom is a very mild and sweet scent with a springlike character.

    From 12,90 $

  • pink grapefruit

    Pink Grapefruit Parfum

    The scent of Pink Grapefruit is sparkling fresh and vitalizing.

    From 12,90 $

  • Agarwood Perfume

    Agarwood Perfume

    Agarwood, also known as Oud, has an incredibly seductive, smoky balsamic fragrance. With its deep and earthy aroma.

    From 12,90 $

  • Calabrian Bergamot Perfume

    Calabrian Bergamot Perfume

    Calabrian bergamot exudes a clear and fresh fragrance, which is reminiscent of lemon.

    From 12,90 $

  • Cashmere Wood Perfume

    Cashmere Wood Perfume

    Cashmere wood smells soft and smooth. Its spicy aroma is enticingly delicate and is synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance.

    From 12,90 $

  • Tonka Bean Perfume

    Tonka Bean Perfume

    The aromatic Tonka Bean has a spicy, warm and soft fragrance that is reminiscent of vanilla and almond.

    From 12,90 $

  • Damascene Rose Perfume

    Damascene Rose Perfume

    Damascene Rose infatuating with its unmistakable warm, soft and gentle scent of full rose petals.

    From 12,90 $

  • indian patchouli perfume

    Indian Patchouli Perfume

    The Indian Patchouli exudes a sweet, earthy and woody scent that is extremely mysterious and seductive.

    From 12,90 $

  • Oriental Ambergris Perfume

    Oriental Ambergris Perfume

    Oriental Ambergris smells sweet and slightly balsamic-like tobacco, with woody warm, dry and earthy undertones.

    From 12,90 $

  • Provence Lavender Perfume

    Provence Lavender Perfume

    Provence Lavender dream of the vast purple fields of Provence and its spicy-floral note in this pleasantly calming and relaxing fragrance.

    From 12,90 $

  • Sandelholz Parfum

    Sandalwood Perfume

    Sandalwood has a distinctive scent: warm, velvety, woody and balsamic, yet simultaneously sweet and milky.

    From 12,90 $

  • White Musk Perfume

    White Musk Perfume

    White Musk smells woody, animalistic, and with a slight fruity freshness.

    From 12,90 $

  • Andalusian Orange Perfume

    Andalusian Orange Perfume

    Andalusian Orange smells fruity and fresh and works with the sweet, warm, and slightly spicy aroma.

    From 12,90 $

  • Bourbon Vanilla Perfume

    Bourbon Vanilla Perfume

    Bourbon Vanilla infatuating with its balmy, warm, sweet fragrance that is both soothing and balancing.

    From 12,90 $

  • White Tea Perfume

    White Tea Perfume

    The white tea is considered the most expensive tea in the world and is absolutely unique in its flavor and fragrance.

    From 12,90 $

  • Geranium Perfume

    Geranium Perfume

    Geranium smells deliciously floral with a hint of lemon. The fine aroma is uplifting, relaxing and calming.

    From 12,90 $

  • Black Currant Perfume

    Black Currant Perfume

    Black Currant has a dark fruit note with an intensely sweet finish. The mystical scent is very sensual and promotes creativity.

    From 12,90 $

  • Honeydew Melon Perfume

    Honeydew Melon Perfume

    Honeydew Melon smells fruity-fresh and sweet. The intense flavor makes the sun-ripened, yellow fruits appear in our mind's eye.

    From 12,90 $

  • Violet Leaf Perfume

    Violet Leaf Perfume

    Violet Leaf smells of intense green with a hint of iris and violet.

    From 12,90 $

  • Havana Tobacco Perfume

    Havana Tobacco Perfume

    Havana Tobacco is a highly aromatic scent and reminds of freshly balsamic-cured tobacco with its mossy aroma.

    From 12,90 $

  • Vetiver Perfume

    Vetiver Perfume

    Vetiver has a very special, sweet and tart smell, which is very reminiscent of the earth. The woody, smoky aroma is balancing and relaxing.

    From 12,90 $

  • Fougère Perfume

    Fougère Perfume

    Fougère is a fresh, green combination of herbaceous scents, combined with lavender, fresh hay and mossy undertones.

    From 12,90 $

  • Oriental Spice Perfume

    Oriental Spice Perfume

    The heavenly scent of warm spices is soothing and relaxing. A fine composition of harmonic essences.

    From 12,90 $

  • Lily Perfume

    Lily Perfume

    Lily infatuating with a stunning, sweet and heavy scent. It has a perfect femininity and surrounds the wearer with an alluring aura.

    From 12,90 $

  • Suede Perfume

    Suede Perfume

    Suede smells very distinctive and gives depth and softness. The unmistakable aroma is sweetly smoky and animalistic.

    From 12,90 $

  • Mexican Tuberose Perfume

    Mexican Tuberose Perfume

    The fine, white flowers of Mexican Tuberose smell very flowery and sweet, reminiscent of honey and ylang ylang.

    From 12,90 $

  • Tropical Pineapple Perfume

    Tropical Pineapple Perfume

    Tropical Pineapple smells deliciously fruity, fresh and sweet. Its intense flavor puts you in the mood for summer.

    From 12,90 $

  • Ocean Aqua Perfume

    Ocean Aqua Perfume

    Oceanic Aqua is the epitome of freshness and lightness. The sparkling, aquatic note invigorates the mind and revitalizes the body.

    From 12,90 $

  • Sweet Osmanthus Perfume

    Sweet Osmanthus Perfume

    The fine flower of Osmanthus smells exoticly sweet and fruity and is reminiscent of peaches.

    From 12,90 $

  • Orchid Perfume

    Orchid Perfume

    So graceful and elegant as it also has the intense floral fragrance of orchid.

    From 12,90 $

  • Orange Blossom Perfume

    Orange Blossom Perfume

    The delicate white flowers of the orange tree smell fresh and flowery, with a spicy-bitter undertone.

    From 12,90 $

  • Natural Herbage Perfume

    Natural Herbage Perfume

    The scent of Natural Herbage is reminiscent of freshly cut grass in a summer meadow.

    From 12,90 $

  • Mango Perfume

    Mango Perfume

    Mango smells very exotic and aromatic and sweet.

    From 12,90 $

  • Lily of the Valley Perfume

    Lily of the Valley Perfume

    The delicate flowers of Lily of the Valley smell flowery fresh and intensely sweet.

    From 12,90 $

  • Caribbean Coconut Perfume

    Caribbean Coconut Perfume

    The tropical scent of Caribbean coconut is reminiscent of summer, sun, beach and sea.

    From 12,90 $

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume

    Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume

    The Japanese Cherry Blossom has an instense flowery scent and differs significantly from the scent of its fruit.

    From 12,90 $

  • Green Tea Perfume

    Green Tea Perfume

    Green tea smells nice, tender and fresh. Its subtle, delicate flavor should have a positive effect on the body.

    From 12,90 $

  • Green Apple Perfume

    Green Apple Perfume

    The tangy scent of Green Apple is very invigorating, refreshing and encouraging.

    From 12,90 $

  • French Almond Perfume

    French Almond Perfume

    The mild and warm almond scent recalls in concentrated form to marzipan.

    From 12,90 $

  • Florentine Iris Perfume

    Florentine Iris Perfume

    The bright, powdery floral scent of Florentine Iris is reminiscent of violet with a very elegant and romantic look.

    From 12,90 $

  • Cassis Blossom Perfume

    Cassis Blossom Perfume

    The flowers of black currant smells intensily of fresh fruit with an exotic note.

    From 12,90 $

  • Blue Cedarwood Perfume

    Blue Cedarwood Perfume

    Blue Cedarwood smells strongly of aromatic wood and has a tart, velvety and warm character.

    From 12,90 $

  • Asian Lotus Perfume

    Asian Lotus Perfume

    Lotus has a warm and spicy, but also especially exotic character. It's a symbol for feminity and leaves a sweet and light floral scent.

    From 12,90 $

  • Apple Blossom Perfume

    Apple Blossom Perfume

    Apple Blossom with its fresh floral scent and light touch far away from the typical apple smell, this scent is more reminiscent of violets and lily of the valley.

    From 12,90 $

  • Sicily Lemon Perfume

    Sicily Lemon Perfume

    Sicily Lemon has a clear fruity, refreshing scent, and is wonderfully invigorating as well as enhances concentration.

    From 12,90 $

  • Raspberry Perfume

    Raspberry Perfume

    Raspberry has a lightweight, very sweet and fresh character that immediately envokes sun-ripened red fruits.

    From 12,90 $

  • White Jasmin Perfume

    White Jasmine Perfume

    The magnificent, precious flowers of white jasmine have a wonderful sweet smell that is intense and honeyed with fruity-herbaceous undertones.

    From 12,90 $

  • Venezianisches Veilchen Parfum

    Venice Violet Perfume

    Venice Violet has a delicate, floral and a lovely-sweet scent, with a touch of powder.

    From 12,90 $

  • Green Mint Perfume

    Green Mint Perfume

    Green Mint has a sporty, refreshing scent with a spicy kick and is wonderfully invigorating and stimulating.

    From 12,90 $

  • Ylang Ylang Perfume

    Ylang Ylang Perfume

    The Ylang Ylang flower has a lovely and exotic female scent. It sparkels with sensual and oriental notes.

    From 12,90 $

Our Pure Essence Perfumes

Pure Essences Fragrances

Discover our olfactory notes as pure essence perfumes. You can choose from a wide range of around 50 notes from flowery notes, like almond blossom or ylang ylang, to fresh and fruity notes like tangerine or lemon to spicy-oriental and woody notes, like sandalwood or vanilla. Here you can find more information about our Pure Essence Fragrances. All essences have been developed as true masterpieces by our perfumers. They are containing head, heart and base note to ensure perfect harmony. The quality of our fragrances is "Eau de Parfum" for a long lasting and intense scent experience. You can use your favorite essence perfume individually or combine it with other notes or a character fragrance or your own custom perfume ("fragrance layering"). This way you can express your personal fragrance type day after day and adapt it to your mood or your daily preferences. In any case are our pure essence perfumes a unique and intense fragrance experience! And what is your favorite note?